This website is simply a compilation of information from different reputable sources about ADHD. The creator of this website is not a medical professional. Diagnosis of ADHD is a complex process; recognition of symptoms listed on this site should in no way be taken as proof of existing ADHD. 

If you do suspect you may suffer from ADHD, you should pursue a diagnosis. First, arm yourself with information! You will know better than anyone else if this seems like the correct diagnosis for you. This quick test — devised by Don Baker, MA, LMHC — is a very good place to start:

Know the symptoms
Remember, although physical hyperactivity is often associated with ADHD, in fact, only one quarter of children and 5% of adults exhibit this symptom. The vast majority of people with ADHD, instead, experience hyperactivity as an internal feeling of hyperarousal. This condition is known as emotional hyperarousal. This self-test on emotional hyperarousal is very helpful for determining whether or not you exhibit this common trait of the ADHD nervous system: 

Emotional hyperarousal test

Getting a diagnosis
If you are in Ireland, you do not need a referral from your GP to pursue a diagnosis. You can simply request an assessment from a properly trained professional. Contact details for properly trained professionals in diagnosing and treating ADHD in Ireland are available at the link below: 

Information Sources:

A special reference must be given to Dr William Dodson, M.D., Psychiatrist and leading ADHD expert, whose research and writings have provided much of the information on this site. 

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